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Move. Inspire. Nourish. Transform.


The studio MINT experience offers an exclusive one-on-one support where your own goals are key. A personally tailored programme is designed from the following areas:


Individual counselling: creating your personal health, lifestyle and fitness analysis

Holistic Training: specific agility, strength, endurance, and coordination exercises

Balanced exercise programme: between physical activity and recreation, suitably adapted to your daily routine and busy schedule

Relaxation: recognizing body signals, breathing exercises and conscious application of relaxation techniques

Dietary advice: enjoying healthy nutrition and weight management

Massage: Thai Yoga Massage, Sports Massage and Cranio-sacral treatment


As a personal trainer, I support you in achieving your personal goals and increasing satisfaction with your own well-being. I offer an extensive range of guidance to help place you on your journey to physical and mental balance. Use your potential and find joy in movement!


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