Prenatal Yoga | Schwangerschaftsyoga

Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga with Baby

Movement during and after pregnancy is a wonderful way to cope with physical and
emotional changes, to focus on how your body is feeling, and to establish a close relationship with the baby.

Pre-natal Yoga | Pregnancy yoga

Helps to actively shape your new phase in life and to prepare for giving birth. Relief can be found for uncomfortable repercussions of pregnancy such as lower back pain, heavy legs or heartburn. Care is given with attentiveness and prudence, but it is important for the woman to stand firm during the challenges of pregnancy. The Yoga sessions give strength and provide peace and serenity.

Post-natal Yoga | Recovery Yoga

This is a modified exercise programme which is designed to systematically restore muscle tone, stability and physical strength. The areas that have been weakened by pregnancy and childbirth are strengthened. In a pleasant atmosphere, you can re-fuel and pursue your own needs.

You can bring your baby with you and recovery Yoga can begin approximately 6-8 weeks after birth.

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