Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training

Distinguished by effectiveness and a high standard of personal development, this training teaches body awareness, with an increase to your fitness and an improvement to your natural radiance. A healthy body and an alert mind inspire motivation and in turn have a positive effect on your well-being and quality of life.


The Focus

This training is focused on individuality. Ideal for those with the desire to realize their personal ideas and goals, this type of professional support is a way to fully develop their potential. At Studio MINT your training will be freely and creatively designed specifically to address the issues that are important to you.

The key benefit of this one on one care is to refine the awareness of the body’s own actions to channel physical healing and to strengthen the mental energy required to really experience the inner-peace of self-acceptance and love.


Professional instruction

To benefit from utilizing professional instruction and consulting, one must be self-supportive. Therefore I offer long-term support for you, as you take personal responsibility to develop your own awareness of your body. Implementing regular physical activity that is self-motivated is extremely important.

Combining self-discipline with professional long-term support creates real results. As your personal trainer I will give you exercises, practical tips and concrete tasks throughout your journey. I will show you that holistic training permanently evokes vitality and joy. It is worth it!

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