Studio Mint Räumlichkeiten

Studio Mint Räumlichkeiten

A look into the studio

Studio MINT
Move. Inspire. Nourish. Transform.
Könneritzstraße 43
04229 Leipzig/Schleußig


The studio provides enough space for 12 people and is equipped with mats, Pilates roles, Pilates balls and other equipment for Yoga. During the day natural light filters through the windows and in the evening a pleasant atmosphere is created with dimmed lighting. The design is clear and stylish.

How to find Studio MINT

Public Transport: With the tram lines 1 and 2, with the bus line 60 to Rödelstraße, then change to tram lines 1 or 2. Studio MINT is located between the stop Stieglitzstraße and stop Holbeinstraße.

Parking: During the day parking can be found near the building. In the evening you'll be lucky or you need a little bit of pacience.

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