The Yoga class contains fluent, powerful and physical exercises associated with deep breathing. The ancient tradition of Yoga is introduced to you through practical applications and a free-thinking philosophy.

My teaching style is characterised by the Vinyasa Spirit Yoga Berlin and of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Besides offering challenging physical exertion, Vinyasa includes the art of letting go and relaxing. Therefore both the meditative level and yoga philosophy are expressed in their own way.

Kundalini Yoga works through simple but special asanas. They are often carried out in the sitting position and are repeated or held for a minute. The traditional style is above all dynamic and demands perseverance. Using the so-called Kriya exercise series, a huge potential of energy is awakened and the body is cleansed.

Transforming, healing and meditative at the same time!

Monday, 18:00 -19:15 and Tuesday, 18.30 - 19:45

The Yoga class in Leipzig can be found at studio MINT, Könneritz Street 43. 1.0G (Second side door on the right).

10 classes: 140EUR / 120EUR reduced, single lesson: 20EUR, trial lesson: 10EUR

Participation in the group training is only by appointment or email.

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