In her way of teaching, her broad expert knowledge and her precision, Marie definitely stands out from the usual personal trainer crowd. This is why I have been exercising almost solely with her for about a year now. The work-outs with Marie are always diverse and never follow the same pattern which is why it never feels like a routine with her. Purposefully she manages to structure her work-outs in an ever-so-slightly changing way that always results in effectiveness. Her expert knowledge with Pilates and many other sports make it possible for her to cater to each client’s needs at all times.

Two more aspects which are just as important: For one Marie’s work-outs and each and every single exercise are about precision and there is no excuse for cheating. This means you will have to fight in every training session, but get to go home with the exhilarating feeling of having had an effective work-out.

But also the personal aspect is important: Marie’s open and warm-hearted manner creates the basis for a pleasant atmosphere while training. You won’t want to train with anyone else…

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