I moved from London to Leipzig and had been looking for a personal trainer to keep up my routine and start out fresh and healthy in my new home. This is how I stumbled upon Marie’s website which spoke to me through both design and information. I wrote her an email and got an answer and an appointment right away. All this helped to ease my arrival here in Leipzig and gave me lots of strength and support. I now practice with her regularly two times per week - it is so much fun and I learn something new every time. A combination of stamina training and Yoga creates the perfect balance for me. I love it how Marie is specialized in all the training fields and that she integrates her experience and knowledge into each training session.

She responds to my every need in a competent and personalized manner and is really motivating. Marie is an open-hearted and inspiring person which not only brings expert knowledge and demanding exercises to the table but also energy and fun. Time flies and I literally feel re-born and able to start my day a lot more motivated and balanced. For me it is the perfect balance between setting new boundaries and developing a new and deeper feeling for my body.

Marie also has a profound knowledge about everything concerning nutrition and she helps me make healthy and conscious decisions about my diet. I am thankful for having met Marie and for having the opportunity to work with her for my physical health and well-being. 


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